My Infinite Walls

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Sunset Peninsula
I was a teenage anarchist.

MARVEL 75TH ANNIVERSARY Cover. 2014. Gouache, watercolor, and acrylic on bristol board, 13 × 19″.

Ryan Reyes: A Happy Medium 3 by Hunter & Buster O’Shea

I did an audiovisual communication degree, because I wanted to get behind TV cameras, but to tell the truth, photography never used to be one of my greatest interests.
I started shoting four years ago when I bought my first DSLR which I use nowadays; Nikon D90. Although I continue using this camera, now I´m trying to shot with a mobile device, a Lumia1020.
I try to learn all about professional photography. I love street and minimal landscapes and those who really inspires me are Martin Parr, Arnold Daniel, Brice Portolano and the Spanish Raúl Belinchón.
My only project today is to keep shoting and learning.

Darby Crash-Decline of Western Civilization

▲ obey the prophecy ▲ the door to wonderland
Harder, better, faster, stronger.


Mister Rogers Remixed by Symphony of Science

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